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Two strangers meet at an art exhibition…

hangs story for right now

Dr Nicholas Carah and Bec Mac.

What happens when a couple of animated characters meet and take a walk through an art exhibition for the very first time? The result is ‘Hangs’, UQ Art Museum’s new podcast series that gives listeners a fresh take on our exhibitions.

While ‘Hangs’ isn’t an audio-guide, it does aim to provide review-style commentary, personal insights and stories that are prompted by the exhibition’s artwork.

Our very first episode features performance-based artist, commentator, and presenter of Friday Neon on 4ZZZ and her legendary, live art event LOVE TV, Bec Mac. She’s teamed up with UQ’s Senior Lecturer with the School of Communication and Arts and expert in social media, branding and popular culture, Dr Nic Carah, for a highly entertaining walk through one of UQ Art Museum’s current exhibitions, The Dust Never Settles.

Caitlin Gordon-King

The making of ‘Hangs’
The pilot episode was produced by UQ student Caitlin Gordon-King who is currently studying dual bachelor degrees in Communication (majoring in Public Relations) and Arts (majoring in Sociology and Political Science).

The ‘Hangs’ project was the focus of Caitlin’s internship with UQ Art Museum and she was tasked with producing the first episode, from recruiting talent and editing the podcast, to producing a manual for the project. According to Caitlin:

‘Hangs’ captures a conversation between two Brisbane personalities as they wander through a current exhibition. This was my first time developing a podcast, and I’ve learned a variety of technical, project-management and design skills along the way, including how to use audio equipment and editing software.

I’ve had a wonderful experience interning with UQ Art Museum. Everyone made me feel very welcome, and my supervisors, Sebastian and Holly, spoiled me with guidance and support.

I think the technical, stylistic and project-management skills I’ve gained at the museum will be highly applicable wherever my career in communications goes. I’m about to head to Fiji where I’ll be completing a communications internship, and hope to work on communications for social-justice campaigns in future. — Caitlin Gordon-King

Listen to the first ‘Hangs’ podcast and subscribe so you don’t miss the next release!

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