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‘The Dust Never Settles’ artist, Eugenia Raskopoulos


Image: Eugenia Raskopoulos re‑ma(r)king 2010, 2 channel video, sound 5:15 min, edition 1/3 Collection of The University of Queensland, purchased 2014. Reproduced courtesy of the artist.

In her video re‑ma(r)king 2010, Eugenia Raskopoulos summons memories of her grandmother by performing simple actions using domestic objects that had belonged to her, thereby connecting with her Greek heritage. Raskopoulos’s family had migrated to Australia from Greece in 1963. At left, she slowly winds into a ball an unravelling doily. At right, she kneels, spilling – as if from her unseen mouth – olive oil that she slowly spreads with her grandmother’s rolling pin, creating a reflective surface. The performance is one of silent and meditative endurance, as if acting out the repetitions of traditional women’s work embedded in cultural heritage. Her actions of making/re-making and marking/re-marking embody these past memories that continue to haunt the present.

Eugenia Raskopoulos’s practice revolves around language, the body and the translation of words. In performative videos and photographs she highlights the gaps between gesture, writing and understanding. Raskopoulos was born in Svitavy, Czech Republic, in 1959. Her family returned to their country of origin, Greece, at the end of that year, and then migrated to Sydney in 1963.

Eugenia Raskopoulos from UQ Art Museum on Vimeo.

Eugenia’s work is currently featured in The Dust Never Settles, on show at UQ Art Museum until 30 July.

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