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We need to talk!

We Need to Talk About… QANTAS, Nike, Coopers. Big Brands & Public Debate.
Photo: Nicola Garrett

In a world where fake news and alternative facts have become part of the social discourse, it can be quite a task to get to the bottom of some of the biggest issues of the day. UQ Art Museum’s ‘We need to talk about’ series is about giving our community access to UQ experts on important topics, in a face-to-face informal setting.

Senior Education Manager Dr Holly Arden said the series is about responding swiftly and thoughtfully to current, pressing issues in culture, politics and the news.

“Each discussion is led by a brilliant mind from UQ – typically an academic – with expertise in the specific topic at hand. The sessions are informal and usually happen at very short notice – this means that something can unfold in the news and we can stage a discussion about it just days later!”

Why we need to talk
UQ Art Museum is keen to encourage debate and conversation about important, current issues and the Art Museum is the ideal place to have these kinds of conversations, which to date have spanned international politics (with a particular focus on the US elections), the economy, Brexit, brand activism and the 2016 Census.

What’s the format?
The sessions usually go for an hour and give people an opportunity to hear from UQ academics about their expertise outside of a classroom setting. They’re often at lunchtime and they’re really informal – we encourage people to ask questions and to debate, so it’s certainly not just one-way.

How do I find out about ‘We need to talk’ events?
We don’t plan them too far in advance so you have to keep your eye on social media and the UQ Art Museum e-news. It’s free – all welcome – and you don’t have to RSVP, just turn up!

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