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Pat Brassington, November 2015


Pat Brassington
The Secret 2010 (detail)
Pigment print
Reproduced courtesy of Arc One Gallery, Melbourne; Stills Gallery, Sydney and Bett Gallery, Hobart.

‘Hauntingly beautiful, deeply psychological and sometimes disturbing’

A career survey of work by Pat Brassington, one of Australia’s foremost photo-based artists, is on show at UQ Art Museum from 28 November 2015 to 10 April 2016.

Touring from the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), the exhibition is the first to consider the breadth and depth of Brassington’s 30-year practice, and features 48 of her most arresting photographs.

Pat Brassington: À Rebours explores the artist’s recurring visual language, derived from Surrealism and the cinema, and reinterpreted through photography.

‘I have long been interested in psychoanalysis and have been intrigued also by strategies used by some Surrealists. If I add these influences to my own life experience I come as close as I can to providing a rationale for my images of fantasy.’
— Pat Brassington

Why we’re excited about this exhibition:

‘It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to share high-calibre travelling exhibitions like this with Queensland audiences and, in particular, with our campus community. The ideas the show explores, while certainly challenging, are known to us through the histories of film and Surrealism, and are thus oddly familiar.’
— Dr Campbell Gray, Director, UQ Art Museum

‘Strange shadows, rifts, disruptions – Pat works at the edges, the spaces we’d prefer not to go, but are curious to see. Expect to be intrigued, unsettled or, perhaps, beguiled.’
— Samantha Littley, Acting Senior Curator, UQ Art Museum

The education resource that ACCA has developed to extend engagement with the exhibition is available here. Stay tuned for further details of the public program that UQ Art Museum has planned for March 2016.


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