Federation-era paintings showcase spirit of the new century

Federation-era paintings showcase spirit of the new century

From patriotic visions of the Australian bush to the bohemian enclaves of London and Paris where sumptuous portraits were produced, Capital and country: the Federation years 1900–1914 from the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) presents a rich and beautiful collection of paintings reflecting an important period in Australia’s nation building. The 46 paintings by 25 … Continue reading

Strangely curious about <em>Wunderkammern</em>?

Strangely curious about Wunderkammern?

Popular in the sixteenth century, Wunderkammern or ‘Cabinets of Curiosities’ were expansive collections of valuable, rare or historically significant objects gathered by wealthy nobles or scholars during expeditions and trading voyages. The objects were selected to evoke wonder in the viewer, and reveal the fascinations and preoccupations of the Age of Discovery. Continue reading