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SoFA art lovers unite at UQ Art Museum

Recently we talked about how UQ Art Museum engages with students, but we only briefly touched on our great friends SoFA.

SoFA at O-Week 2015

SoFA at O-Week 2015

SoFA or The UQ Society of Fine Arts is one of over 200 student-focused UQ Clubs and Societies. SoFA’s reason for being is to add to the culture on campus by providing a community for people who love art and want to learn more about it. However, SoFA is not just for UQ students, but is also open to the wider Brisbane art community.

SoFA President Nicholas Smith said that for a society of art lovers, there’s really nothing better than having an Art Museum with an outstanding Collection at their fingertips.

“For UQ Art Museum, SoFA members are engaged and loyal visitors, promoters and allies – yes, it really is true love!” Nicholas said.

UQ Art Museum Director Dr Campbell Gray believes that being able to partner with SoFA is a great way for the Art Museum to engage students and community members who are interested in art, and to help foster that passion.

Nicholas said SoFA considers the Art Museum to be their ‘home’ – holding meetings in the boardroom, picnics in the foyer, and arranging drawing classes in the galleries. He also described the Art Museum’s support as invaluable, and is why SoFA endeavours to ‘give back’ whenever it can – promoting events and public programs, and even making a donation to the Alumni Friends of UQ Collection Study Room.

SoFA – get involved!
To join SoFA or to stay in touch, sign up at website www.uqsofa.com or www.facebook.com/uqsofa. SoFA’s next event is quite the excursion…from June 27 join them for an unforgettable trip to MONA in Hobart.


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