Collection Study Room

Making art a part of teaching & learning – here’s how

Alumni Friends of UQ Collection Study Room, located on the top floor of UQ Art Museum, provides a customised space for students, academics and the community to examine artworks from the UQ Art Collection under supervision.

Curator Samantha Littley with students in the Collection Study Room

Curator Samantha Littley with students in the Collection Study Room Photo: Sam Scoufos

What’s in the UQ Art Collection?

  • The UQ Art Collection includes over 3,500 artworks and is one of Queensland’s most significant public art collections.
  • It features works by major Australian artists from the colonial period to the present, as well as the Nat Yuen Collection of Chinese antiquities.
  • Since its establishment in 1941, approximately 60% of the Collection has been gifted to the University.
  • In 2004, the University initiated the National Collection of Artists’ Self Portraits, an important focus area within the Collection.
  • New acquisitions for the Collection, across a range of media, are actively pursued by the UQ Art Museum and UQ Art Museum Board, continuing a legacy of acquiring innovative works of art that respond to the contemporary moment.

How to navigate the Collection
Details of the UQ Art Collection are available online. You can use a range of search terms (keywords, artist’s name, medium) to find works of interest. Keep in mind that due to copyright restrictions a number of Collection artworks do not have images on the online database.

Food for thought
Want to bring a class to analyse an artwork or artworks, but need help to make a selection? We can help you identify artworks to suit your purpose and meet the subject or discourse of your study.

What facilities are in the Alumni Friends of UQ Collection Study Room?
The space can accommodate up to 18 people. Features include:

  • A mesh wall to hang paintings of variable size.
  • A display wall for mounted works on paper.
  • Desks/benches for viewing artworks.
  • Facilities to display small-scale sculptural works.
  • A monitor for viewing electronic works.
  • Wi-Fi with limited desk space for personal computers.
  • The room is lined with eco panel for soundproofing.
  • Glass door and observation wall allow Art Museum visitors to observe activity in the room.

How can I use the Alumni Friends of UQ Collection Study Room?

  • If you’re bringing a student group, adequate teacher supervision is necessary.
  • Please plan in advance – access is by appointment only and two weeks notice is required, as it takes time to locate artworks and prepare them for viewing.
  • Appointments are scheduled around other bookings and the availability of the room.
  • Also be aware that some artworks may not be available, if they’re being exhibited elsewhere or otherwise inaccessible.

For guidance or assistance in selecting a work to support your research, to enquire about procedures for viewing artworks or to make a booking for the Collection Study Room, email

Find out more about joining our community of supporters and giving to the UQ Art Museum.

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