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Five minutes with… Isabella Baker, UQ student and Art Museum volunteer

Isabella Baker’s Just Kids will be the first of five student-curated exhibitions at UQ Art Museum in 2015 as part of UQ’s JUMPstart Pilot Intern Program. A UQ Bachelor of Arts/Art History student and UQ Art Museum volunteer, Isabella will complete her studies in 2015. We caught up with her to find out about her passion for art and how she’s feeling ahead of her curatorial debut.

What do you love about art and why would you like to work in the visual arts?
I love how art can take so many different forms and can constantly make you think about the world in new ways and from different perspectives. I’d like to work in the visual arts because it encompasses so many different issues politically and socially that impact people’s lives.

What can you tell me about your experience as a volunteer at UQ Art Museum?
I’ve really enjoyed observing the exhibition installation process and seeing what goes into the final product. I was most surprised to learn how many different specialty areas there are within UQ Art Museum – this enlightened me about the range of opportunities in terms of my future career – plus the staff are so friendly and the Collection so diverse. But probably the most important thing I’ve learned through this experience is how much I see myself in this career.

So how do you feel about curating an upcoming exhibition at UQ Art Museum?
I’m thrilled! In the future, my goal is to become a curator of an art gallery specialising in contemporary and modern art. The wonderful opportunity to curate Just Kids at UQ Art Museum has given me valuable practical skills and excellent experience that will be a starting point for my career. The help and support of the staff at UQ Art Museum has been vital to the development of Just Kids.

Just Kids is the first of five graduate-year student-curated exhibitions this year presented by UQ Art Museum in conjunction with the Art History program of The University of Queensland’s School of Communication and Arts. Read more about JUMPStart.

Isabella Baker Photo: Sam Scoufos

Isabella Baker
Photo: Sam Scoufos

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